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Kelly Asbury





The town of Uglyville is a town where the oddities are loved and the differences are celebrated. The days of free-spirited Moxy and his UglyDolls are spent in the hustle and bustle of the days of their friends. Moxy wondered what happened to the other side of the mountain in Uglyville, although she was happy with her life in town. Moxy, a group of closest friends, sets out to find out what's on the other side. When the team reaches the other side of the mountain, they discover another world. The city around them fascinates Moxy and his friends. But this is not what they're really dreaming of. After the education of more traditional toys and graduating, they went to the real world and began to look for a child to love themselves. The team will have to struggle for the fulfillment of their wishes while being confronted with the benefits of being different. In the end, it is not perfect to be wonderful but to be yourself!