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Osman Taşçı


Gizem Güneş


Burak Tozkoparan


Hayal Köseoğlu





It is the story of the disruption of the whole balance of Deniz as she falls in love with Rüzgar, which she confronts when she is in her final year of high school. The wind discovers love, passion and taste in the sound of the Sea. First he hears his voice and falls in love before he even sees it. Deniz is a 17-year-old, lively, cheerful young girl with an eye for nothing except her highly successful lessons. Deniz, who lost her parents when she was very young, gave herself to her lessons as a result of her grandfather's oppression and orientation without being felt. However, Deniz's greatest pleasure and talent is her singing. But his grandfather Sukru, because of a trauma in his own history of the Sea, so much pressure, such that the greatest ability of the sea did not even realize. Until I was caught up in a new wind. The 18-year-old wind is a true music lover who doesn't drop his guitar. The sea embarks on the wind and music, and sets out on a journey to discover what it really wants to do. His love will guide him and his comrade in this journey. But what Deniz has never been able to calculate is that this whole discovery process triggers her grandfather's discomfort. Deniz is forced to make a choice between her grandfather, who grows her up and who is her family alone, and her love and passion for music. As Deniz is about to make the most difficult decision of her life, she learns the great secret about her parents and everything suddenly turns upside down. Will the sea emerge from the great indecision that it has fallen into with the help of your love for the wind and music?