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Togan Gökbakar


Şahan Gökbakar





Recep Ivedik folk hero at home watching television when he saw the invitation as delivered by the mailman came to the door is very excited. Was invited to the festival in Konya Minister Recep beans, best friend immediately Nurullah also want to go on the road to take next. However, they found no trip starts from the start of misfortunes and mistakes as a result of travel agencies and Nurullah Recep themselves instead of Konya in Kenya. The only goal after the two friends had to return to Kenya to Turkey have now started an adventure full of excitement. Africa's vast steppe wilderness in Rajab and Nurullah, two enemy without knowing what it is they're among the native tribes. It used to be that wild world, despite all the challenges faced by Recep struggling with its own unique methods from each other funny and interesting events are still future. The new film of Shah Gökbakar created by the runner Recep Ivedik series, viewers will guarantee to spend lots of laughter and fun as usual.