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Roland Emmerich


Patrick Wilson


Mandy Moore


Luke Evans


Aaron Eckhart


Ed Skrein


Woody Harrelson





US II. a milestone with Japan during World War II Battle of Midway tells the true story. The film stars Patrick Wilson, Luke Evans, Woody Harrelson and masters include names like Mandy Moore. Which prints the name of the science fiction genre in the history of cinema director Roland Emmerich's seat there. Stargate, Independence Day -Kurtuluş Day, took place between The Patriot and 2012 as films signatory Emmerich's Midway where will announce the day's most anticipated war movies on the last year since. II. carrying the Battle of Midway took place between American and Japanese navy during World War big screen movie, changing the course of the war in the Pacific Front, bold and eye tells the heroic story of many soldiers.