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Doğa Can Anafarta


Sadi Celil Cengiz


Yusuf Çim


Hande Katipoğlu


Altan Erkekli


Toygan Avanoğlu





In most legendary class of Turkey, education continues! In the most entertaining class ever, traditions lasting generations are carried out with the same enthusiasm every year without forgetting the respect for the masters! This year's new students, teachers and colorful characters in the Hababam Class, in the new school year is a great excitement. Because, Private Çamlıca High School goes back to mixed education and school girls come to school! Sweet competition between girls who are new to class and the men of Hababam, of course, are also very fun moments! While girls and boys challenge each other, of course everything is not going to the milk port. Hababam'ın naughty Duba Nuri, Format Hasan, Racon Farouk, Handsome and Düldül, newcomers to the class with the girl before the rival, then as an ally in an entertaining adventure!