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Cüneyt İnay


Rojda Demirer


Emre Altuğ


Bülent Çolak


Ufuk Özkan





The way of Cevahir and Ulvi, who tries to keep order in their lives by opening a car wash, coincides with Zeynep, the ex-lover of Cevahir, who by a coincidence still cannot forget…   Zeynep asks Cevahir and Ulvi for help in defending the trouble. He has to marry Nebil on the will of his brother Katip. There is only one side of this testament that Nebil will give up this marriage. Cevahir and Ulvi, with the help of Muazzez and Kütük, act as Zeynep's distant relatives and try to cool Nebil from Zeynep. Indeed, they succeed, but Nebil is not as charming as they think.   Nebil puts ours into trouble they never expected.