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Guy Ritchie


Naomi Scott


Will Smith


Billy Magnussen





Aladdin is a poor young man who spends his time stealing food from the market in the city of Agrabah. He spends his nights sleeping in different parts of the city and spends the day stealing. But despite his lifestyle, Aladdin actually has a heart of gold. Her adventure begins when she meets a young girl who is being forced to marry by her strange father. This young girl is actually Princess Jasmine, the daughter of the sultan of the country. Aladdin's luck suddenly changes when he receives a magical lamp from the Cave of Wonders. In this lamp, which he bought without knowing, there is a goblin who is fond of fun, cheerful and has the chance to fulfill his 3 wishes. What Aladdin does not know is that Jafar, the Sultan's adviser, has his own plans for both Aladdin and the lamp.